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Vanguard Furniture at Today's Home

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It all started with a velvet chair, the perfect velvet chair - the one at the forefront, the vanguard of the room. Today, more than 40 years later, Vanguard Furniture is still making good on its name to be in the forefront of furniture -- From one perfect velvet chair, to endless possibilities.

That dream of one man now employs over 500 people and occupies over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Nearly all shareholders of the company are employees or grandchildren, therefore possible future employees. There truly is a family atmosphere at Vanguard, even for those that are not actually family. We work in teams from the shop floor to the office, and respect and integrity are words everyone lives by. We understand that a good reputation is easy to lose, both personally and professionally, so we strive to be good corporate citizens. It is important to us to know that our partners find us to be easy to work with, dependable, and that the products we sell are a good investment.

Good investments are products you can count on. We have extensive warranties with our products, and live by the motto that if something is not right, we will fix it. We offer the broadest selection of upholstered frames in the marketplace and have one of the largest product development groups in the industry. We are fashion driven, but we also strive to match components with their intended use, which explains all the variety and choices we offer. For example, we would never suggest a fragile, expensive silk on a plush, comfortable sofa that will be used by the entire family. Our challenge going forward is to maintain momentum. In the 1990’s we still looked up to some of the giants in the furniture industry, but now we feel that we are on par with, and sometimes better than, our former idols.